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社会责任培训  Training on Social Responsibility         每年四次定期报告 Four regular reports each year
                                                            每月经营简报 Monthly business in brief
 Our social responsibility management team participated in a
 企业社会责任管理人员参加国务院国资委、中国对外  五个信息披露视角                                每月重大项目公告 Monthly announcement of major projects   关于咱们
 professional training on social responsibility that was organized by   Information disclosure from five perspectives
 承包工程商会组织的社会责任专业培训,不断提升社会责  SASAC of the State Council and the China International Contractors   企业战略合作协议 Company’s agreement on strategic cooperation
 任管理专业素质和能力。   Association in order to continuously enhance their professional quality   “三会决议”Resolution of “Three meetings”
 and capacity in social responsibility management.                                                                   About Us
 We also invited experts to conduct social responsibility trainings   利益相关方
 业社会责任本质、发展趋势、社会责任信息披露、社会责  for staff at our headquarters, introducing the concept and trends of                    可持续经营
 任报告编制等方面的常识。  corporate social responsibility, the role and value of disclosing social   Stakeholders
 responsibility information, and the basic processes for compiling
 social responsibility reports and other publications.
                手机网赌app从生产经营实际出发,围绕自身产品和业                             Looking at our actual production and operation needs, and
 与专业机构合作开展企业和行业社会责任研究,参考  Responsibility Research              focusing on our own products and business activities, China    Sustainable Operation
            务,识别和定位企业的利益相关方,建立健全沟通渠道,                          Construction identified its stakeholders, established and improved
 GRI、CASS等社会责任报告编制指南,初步构建企业可持  We have cooperated with professional organizations and conducted   了解和回应利益相关方的希望和要求,不断提高社会责任  its stakeholder communication channels, and took every effort to
 research on corporate and industry-level social responsibility, and
 续发展报告指标体系,引导企业编制可持续发展报告、开                                     understand and respond to their expectations and requests in order
 referenced the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the Chinese Academy   工作绩效,实现与利益相关方的共同发展。  to continuously improve its social responsibility performance and   全产业链创新
 展社会责任实践。  of Social Sciences (CASS) and other guidelines in order to establish   mutually development with its stakeholders.
 our own sustainability report index system so as to guide us to compile
 责任沟通  sustainability report and conduct social responsibility practice.
                                        ?!?                                   ??
 经企业董事长、监事会主席审核、董事会审议通过  Responsibility Communication  Employees            Government
 后,发布2010可持续发展报告,向利益相关方系统传播公  Upon the examination of the Chairman of Board of Directors and   Common growth  Abide by laws and regulations   Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
                                                Salaries and bene?ts  Preserve and increase the value of assets
 司社会责任理念与实践。  the Supervision Committee, and after a discussion among the Board   Health and safety  Pay taxes by laws
 of Directors, we released Sustainability Report 2010. The Report   Caring for people
 企业领导参加中央企业社会责任工作会议等相关活             ????                                      ????
 systematically communicates our social responsibility concepts and   ???????  ??????
 动,交流企业社会责任工作的成效和经验。  practices to our stakeholders.  ?????                   ????
 Our leaders participated in the Working Conference on Social                                                       质
                                               ????          ????                                                     量
 Responsibility of Central Enterprises and other relevant activities   ????  ????
 and exchanged our achievements and experiences conducting social   ?!?  ????  ????  ??????  ????   ????             Quality
 responsibility initiatives.  Shareholders  ????   ????         ?????????              ????         Strategic
                        ????                  Protection of rights and interests  Compliance management  ????  Partners
                       ??????                  Democratic approach to   Implementation of state policies
 投资者关系                              ??????       communication  Supervision and regulation  ????  Win-win cooperation    全 安
                    Revenue and returns
 Investor Relationship  Satisfaction with the Company’s   ??????  Education and training  Performance reports and   ????  Mutual development
                                                    Labor protection
                                                              public consultation
                    market value                                         ????????            Sharing of resources    Safety
                   Protection of rights and interests   Enhance pro?tability  Ful?llment of agreements
                   Understanding of operating
 Using the notion of being “responsible to the capital market and   conditions  Strengthen management of market value  Mutual visits by senior management
                                                                     Regular meetings
 investors” as the starting point, we disclose our information in a timely   Disclose operational information timely   Multi-channel cooperation  环
 手机网赌app以“对资本市场负责,对投资者负责”为出                                                                                              境
 and fair way, and ensure to disclose it truly, exactly and completely.   ????  ?????
 We have established effective two-way communication channels with   ????  ????  ??????                              Environment
 真实、准确、完整。企业不仅通过业绩路演、接待来访、  our investors, responding to their expectations and requests through   ????  ????  ????  ????
                     ??????              ?????                        ?????                   ????
 performance roadshows, by receiving visitors, and participating in
 主动拜访、参加券商策略会和投资者见面会等方式,还通  ?????  Ful?llment of contracts  ????  ?????  Recommendations and support  ????
 strategy meeting for securities traders and meeting for investors   ?????  Survey on demands  ????  ?????  Disclose procurement information  ????
 过反路演等创新形式,建立与投资者的双向沟通渠道,积          Daily communications                  Ful?llment of contracts  ????             员
 as well as through innovative channels like reverse roadshows (see   ????  ????                                      工
                                    Suggestions and feedback  ????  ????   Negotiations and exchanges
 极了解和回应投资者的希望和要求,提高企业的透明度和  below). We do this to improve the governance and transparency of the   Ful?llment of promises with   Mutual development   Staff
 Company, and to optimize our relationship with investors.  ??  integrity  Implementation of contracts  Support and guidance  Open, fair and just procurement  ???
 治理水平,优化与投资者关系。  Customers  Information transparency  Mutual visits by senior management  Training and promotional activities  Ful?llment of promises  Supply Chain
                          Keeping business secrets  Strategic cooperation  Communication activities  Secure payments
 Case Study:  Reverse Roadshow  High-quality products   Regular communication  Public welfare initiatives           社
                           High-quality services                                                                      会
 The Company has used innovative techniques to communicate
 案例:反路演  with its investors, actively exploring reverse roadshows such as   ????  ?????????                          Society
 the “Invite In” initiative, and inviting major domestic and foreign   ????  ?????????
 企业创新与投资者沟通形式,积极探索“请进来”                                                 ????????
 investors to participate on fact-finding trips to the Company to deepen   ????  ??????????
 的反路演模式,组织国内外各大投资机构进入企业实地考  their understanding of China Construction. In 2011, we also made   Honor commitments with integrity  Promote employment, education and training
                                               Control and prevent risks  Conduct public welfare and charities,  and participate in
                                                              the community
 察,加深投资者对企业的了解。2011年,企业安排投资机  arrangements for investors to conduct on-spot investigations.  This    Maintain trustworthiness  Boost the development of local industry
 intensified the intuitive understanding of the capital market on China   Make win-win cooperation  Promote the development of
 构亲临项目现场调研,加强资本市场对企业行业特征、生                                    community public services  ?????
 Construction’s production, operation and industry features, and   ????    Community and
 产经营的直观认识,营造与投资者之间的良性互动关系。  facilitated  positive relations between the Company and its investors.  Organizations  Public
 018  手机网赌app股份有限企业 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 019
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