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创新企业董事会运作方式  Innovation of the Board of Directors' Operational model  营销策略                                         关于咱们

 企业创建独立董事研讨会形式,积极推动独立董事参  Through our innovative independent seminar for directors, the   Marketing Strategy
 Company actively encouraged independent directors to participate
 in the research and demonstration of intra-industry competition,                                                    About Us
 related party transactions and other important matters in order to
 事专题会议方式,研究讨论了企业与新疆建工之间发生关  effectively avoid decision-making risks and improve efficiency in
 decision-making. In 2011, the Company held a special meeting for   和大客户营销作为实施战略营销的重要内容,通过与战略
 its directors in order for them to discuss transactions and custody   伙伴和大客户合作,继续深入推进“大市场、大业主、大
 related to the acquisition of Xinjiang Construction Company as well as
 other important matters. The special meeting protected the interests
 of listed companies and minority shareholders and ensured the all   2011年,企业合同质量显著提升,大项目数量明显增                       Sustainable Operation
 transaction were reasonable and fair.  加,境外3,000万美金以上项目占境外承包工程合同额的
 发展策略       91.7%;房建项目境内平均单项合同额为2.23亿元,境外
 Development Strategy  平均单项合同额为5.1亿元,同比增长68%。                                                                       全产业链创新

 2011年,手机网赌app坚持“五化”策略,以优化升级为  In 2011, China Construction held fast to the “PRSII Strategy”,   Adhering to the principles of “Quality assurance, value creation,
 a strategy of “Professionalization, Regionalization, Standardization,   and win-win cooperation”, China Construction takes strategic
 Informatization, and Internationalization”, and consolidated and   cooperation and key customer marketing as an important part of its
 国际化”的阶段性成果,持续将“五化”策略向纵深推  expanded its initial results while continuously promoting the Strategy   strategic marketing implementation. Through its cooperation with    Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
 进。  in depth.  strategic partners and key customers, the Company continues to
            develop its “Big market, big proprietor, and big projects” marketing
 “五化”策略目标  Objectives of PRSII Strategy
                In 2011, we significantly increased the quality of our contracts
            and the number of big projects. Overseas projects with a value of over                                    量
 ????????????  USD 30 million accounted for 91.7% of our overseas contracts. The
 ????????????  average value of a single domestic housing construction project was                                   Quality
            223 million Yuan, and a single foreign construction project was 510
 Allocating resources in global areas,   million Yuan, an increase of 68% over the previous year.
 opening new markets, learning from                                                                                 安
 advanced experiences, and                                                                                            全
 continuously enhancing the Group’s
 level of globalization.                                                                                             Safety

 ???????????                                                                                                        环
 ?????????  ???????????                                                                                               境
 ?????????  ???  ??
 Internationalization  案例:承接两座摩天大厦
 Creating a number of   Improving the production,   深圳平安金融中心项目,塔楼最高118层,主体结构                                         Environment
 professional companies that   operation, management and
 support the Company’s pro?ts   ???  ????  ???  organization models, as well as   高度558.45米、塔尖高度660米,合同额56.5亿元。
 and brands  Professionalization  Informatization  the business processes, to achieve
 ??  the greatest bene?ts  武汉绿地中心项目,塔楼最高119层,主体结构高度
 PRSII Strategy                                                                                                       工 员
 ???  ???                                                                                                            Staff
 Regionalization  Standardization
                Case Study: Undertaking the Construction of Two Skyscrapers
                Shenzhen Ping’an Financial Center is a 118-storeyed tower.                                          社
            Its main structure is 558.45 meters high with a spire height of 660                                       会
 ??????????  ?????????  meters. The contract value of this project is 5.65 billion Yuan.
 ??????????  ?????????  Wuhan Greenland Center is a 119-storey tower. Its main                                       Society
 ??  ????
            structure is 606 meters high. The contract value of the project is 10.5
 Ensuring the maximized bene?ts   Increasing management   billion Yuan.
 and sustainable development of   efficiency, reducing costs, and
 resources at all sectors  consolidating internal systems

 022  手机网赌app股份有限企业 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 023
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