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精细管理       风险管理
 Detailed Management  企业坚持务实求效的原则,加强重大风                          ????????             ??????                        关于咱们
                                                                                      Strategy of risk management
                                                                 Solution to risk management
            险、重大事件和重要流程的管控,努力将风险                                                                     ????
                                                                                                     Risk evaluation
            管控融入到企业运营的各个环节,全面推进风                                                                                     About Us
 手机网赌app秉承精益入微、标准规范、崇尚实行的管理  Adhering to the management concept of striving for perfection and   ????????
 taking care of the details, standardizing the regulations and advocating   险管理。  Enterprise-wide risk management system
 理念,引入新的管理要素,持续改善管理方法和流程,全                                ?????
 implementation, China Construction has introduced new element of   创建项目法律顾问制度,建立健全覆盖一  Supervision and improvement  可持续经营
 面推进精细化管理,提升运营效率。  management and improved its management methods and processes to   线项目的法律事务工作体系,全面推行项目法  ????
 increase operational efficiency.                                                            Organizational system
 启动区域化试点工作                                                                         ????
 Establishing Regionalization Pilots                           Culture of risk management  Processes and mechanism
 企业变革区域管控模式,以西南、西北、东北三个重  We reformed our regional management model by creating three   Risk Management              Sustainable Operation
 点经营区域为试点,优化资源配置,降低运营成本,解决  pilot projects in key business areas—the southwest, northwest and   We persist in the principle of pragmatism and efficiency, strengthen our management and control of significant risks, major events and
 northeast. Through this we optimized the allocation of resources
 特大型传统建筑企业资源分散、内部无序竞争的问题,实  and reduced operational costs, solved problems such as scattered   important processes, and strive to integrate risk management and control into all aspects of our corporate operations in order to promote enterprise-
 现区域效益最大化。  resources and internal disorderly competition in the large traditional   wide risk management.          全产业链创新
 construction enterprises, and maximized regional benefits.  We created legal consultation system, established and improved a legal affair system covering the first-line projects, and fully promote the legal
            affairs of the projects so as to control the significant legal risks from the source.
 建立AB角联签制度  Establishing a Joint Signing System of Double Positions
 企业建立并启动基于补位、协同支撑和监控于一体的  China Construction established and implemented its “System of   Legal consultant of project
 Double Positions”, which integrates complementing responsibility, offering
 collaborative support and performing a supervisory role. The approach   ?????????????????????                       Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
 provides a solid foundation for improved and standardized management.
                                          Detailed Rules and Assessment Methods of Legal Affairs in the Engineering Projects
 A?  B?              ????????                                                           ??????
 Position A  Position B  Management of project legal document                      Engage in ful?lling contracts and planning
                                                       ??????                                                       质
 ???????????  ????????  ???????????                 Subordinated enterprises at all levels                            量
 Ful?ll the duty and assume the responsibility with   ??????                           ????????
 ????  full powers  Between leaders and   Partial involvement upon agreement of systems  Examination of contracts  Contract risks, and process management   Quality
 Base on complementing  main positions                 ??????
 responsibility                                         All links of project
 ???????????  ???????  ???????                                                                                      安
 ??????  Experienced to assume job responsibility  Among the departments  Assistance and indirect supervision         全
 Base on cultivation of   and projects
 talents                                                                                                             Safety
 ????????????  ???????  ???????????  合规管理                      Compliance Management
 Aussme full responsibility and exercise   Provide service and support, conduct supervision and
 ???????  decision-making rights  A concrete job  examination  企业健全企业总法律顾问制度,完善企业主营业务中  We improved our centralized corporate legal consultation   环
 ????                                                          system and worked to perfect our legal risk prevention mechanism     境
 Base on service and support,   各环节法律风险防范机制,保障企业合规经营,降低经营      in our main businesses so as to ensure compliance throughout our
 constraint and supervision                                    operations and reduce business risks. In 2011, no significant violations
            风险。全年未发生重大违规事件。                                                                                          Environment
                                                               occurred in the company.
                培育合规学问                                             Cultivating a Culture of Compliance
                企业将合规思想作为企业学问的重要内涵,通过普法                            Compliance is an important part of our corporate culture and
                                                               we have established a strong compliance system that promotes the   员
 依法合规       教育、合同管理培训、日常管理、标准化建设,全力打造                          integration of a “compliance culture” in our approach to management,     工
 Compliance with Laws and Regulations  合规体系,推进合规学问融入企业管理。      legal education, daily management, construction as well as in our    Staff
                                                               contract management trainings.
                健全合规制度                                             Improving Compliance System
                编制《法律事务管理手册》和《合同管理手册》,规                            We prepared the Legal Affairs Management Manual and Contract     会 社
 手机网赌app遵守国家法律法规,强化内部控制,加强风险管理,实施效能监  范法律事务、合同签订履行等环节的工作,建立合规管理   Management Manual, standardized legal affairs as well as the process
                                                               to signing and fulfilling contracts and other links. We also established    Society
 察,开展反腐倡廉建设,积极推进诚信企业建设。2011年,企业积极履行纳税义  工作标准;出版海外法律法规汇编《新加坡分卷》和《阿  standards for compliance management and published sub-volumes of
 务,未发生偷税漏税现象。  尔及利亚分卷》,为企业在海外合法经营提供制度保障。                       Compilation of Overseas Laws and Regulations in Singapore and Algeria
                                                               to provide an institutional guarantee for legitimate overseas operations.
 China Construction abides by state laws and regulations, strengthens internal controls,
                控制合规风险                                             Controlling Compliance Risks
 enhances risk management, implements performance monitoring, carries out the construction   After adding the “Legal Management of Investment Project”
 of anti-corruption culture, and actively promotes the construction of enterprises with integrity. In   在法律与合同管理信息系统增加“投资项目法律管  module to our laws and contracts management system, we outlined
 2011, the Company actively fulfilled its tax obligations, and no tax evasion occurred.  理”模块,实现从立项、决策、合同评审、项目实施的全  a full legal management process for our approach to project
                                                               determination, decision-making, contract reviews and project

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