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全球责任  幸福家园  全球责任  幸福家园
 Global Responsibility,    Global Responsibility,
 Happy Homeland  Happy Homeland
   志愿行动 拓展幸福    志愿行动 拓展幸福
 Volunteering to Expand   Volunteering to Expand
 Happy Space  Happy Space

 专题二:志愿行动 拓展幸福       带孩子上班日                                        Taking a Child to Work Day
 Topic 2: Volunteering to Expand Happy Space  “带孩子上班日”活动邀请农民工子女来到施工    We invite the children of migrant workers to the
                                                                   construction site. Accompanied by young volunteers, the
                     现场,参观父母工作环境,感受父母工作生活。 2012 年,                 children  visit  the  workplace  of  their  parents  to  better
                    “带孩子上班日”与“安康杯”结合,演化为涵盖人群更多,                    understand how and where they work. In 2012, we combined
 手机网赌app以共青团为载体积极开展志愿活动,培  We actively carry out volunteer activities to cultivate   “Taking a Child to Work Day” with the “Ankang Cup”, a safety
 the spirit of “Dedication, Friendship, Mutual assistance and   内容更为丰富的“亲情呼唤安康”活动,让亲情牵引安  competition. By adding a human element to the competition,
 Progress” among the Communist Youth League. We have   全学问落地,把亲情元素融入竞赛过程,变安全规定  migrant workers become deeply aware of how their safety
 “带孩子上班日”、“幸福空间义卖”、“心手相连海外  successively organized “Taking a Child to Work Day”, a “Happy   is intrinsically tied to family happiness. The activity directly
 Space Charity Sale”, and “Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart   为情感引导,让农民工深刻意识到自身的生命安全与
 农民工子女关爱活动”等品牌活动和特色做法。咱们                                           impacts safety in the workplace.
 —— Caring for the Children of Migrant Workers” activities to   家庭幸福利害攸关,为安全再添一道亲情保险。
 本着助人自助的理念投身公益事业,承担企业公民责  showcase our belief that “helping others is helping ourselves”.
 任,持续拓展幸福空间。  We also devote time to public welfare and shoulder our
 responsibility as a corporate citizen to help expand the happy   带孩子上班日
 living environment.  Taking a child to work day
 “幸福空间义卖会”是一个涵盖“义捐、义卖、义演”  Happy Space Charity Sale  1  2                             3     工地亲子体验
 The Happy Space Charity Sale is a social welfare activity        前期准备工作  入场安全教育
 等内容、任何企业员工都有能力参与的社会公益活动。     Preparatory Work           Admission Safety Education      Parent-child Experience on
 that each employee has ability to take part in. It covers charity                          Construction Sites
 donations, charity sales, charity performances and other   提前安排好农民工子女往返车票及住  在进入施工现场前,项目安全总监对  带孩子参观物料堆码整齐、环境较为
 activities.          宿,方便家长与儿女子团体聚;                  农民工子女进行安全教育培训,教授               安全的施工现场,让孩子对工地有一
 幸福空间义卖会              为农民工子女购置统一服装 , 满足施            安全帽的作用、如何佩戴安全帽、进               个初步的认识;
 Happy Space Charity Sale  工现场统一着装要求                入施工现场时的服装要求等;                  选择一些轻巧、简单的工作让孩子尝
                      Buy round-trip tickets and arrange   志愿者全程一对一看护孩子以保障安全       试去做,学习父母的劳动技能
                      hotels for children of migrant workers   Project  safety  director  will  offer   Bring  children  to  the  construction
                      ahead  to  make  family  union  much   training to the children of migrant   sites with orderly material stacking
 义捐  员工捐出自己不常用的二手物品,提高闲置物品的使用效率,实现节能环保  easier;
 Charitable   Employees donate their used goods to improve the efficiency of unused goods and realize energy-  Purchase  unifor ms  for  migr ant   workers on the effects of safe helmet,   and safe environment to make them
                                                    how to wear safe helmet correctly and
                                                                                   have preliminary impression on the
 Donations  saving and environmental protection  workers and their children to meet   clothing requirements before they   construction sites;
                      the requirements on the construction   enter into the construction site  Select some lightweight and simple
 由志愿者组织将义捐物品以超低价格转让给工地上的农民工,所得资金全部捐献给打工子弟学校改善                                      work for children to learn labor skills
 Charity Sale  The volunteer organizations sell donated goods at a very low price to migrant workers on site. All money
 raised at the charity sale is donated to migrant schools to improve teaching facilities, by which the
 migrant workers get the chance to participate in social welfare activities while getting benefits  心手相连海外农民工子女关爱活动  Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart —— Caring
                                                                   for the Children of Migrant Workers
 义演  以打工子弟学校孩子们为主、企业员工和农民工兄弟为辅,共同组织演出,慰问工程建设者  手机网赌app作为全球化运营的建筑地产综合企业集
 Charity   The charity performance is done by the children at migrant schools, with assistance from   As a global building real estate conglomerate, we have
 Performance  employees and migrant workers, to express support for the builders  团,外派农民工散布在世界各地,咱们启动“手拉手 ·心  expatriated migrant workers all over the world. We started the
                     连心”情系海外农民工子女志愿服务活动,为孩子们邮                      “Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart —— Caring for the Children
                                                                   of Migrant Workers ” volunteer activity, sending cards with
                                                                   leaders’ signatures and stationery to the children of migrant
 “幸福空间义卖”将企业使命融入到志愿活动中,  海外的父母写信。100 多名海外事业部员工子女还与海                workers, encouraging them to write to their parents. More
 用员工力所能及和自愿自觉的方式,调动一切可以动  外农民工子女结成对子,小朋友们之间互通信件,建立                 than 100 children of employees in overseas development
                                                                   departments paired off with the children of migrant workers.
 员的社会力量“奉献爱心,照亮别人,温暖自己”,打造  了深厚的友谊。通过实施关爱行动,让海外农民工更                These children write to each other and have made deep
 了一个立体的幸福空间。部委、中央媒体、中央企业的  加安心工作,营造相互信任的幸福空间。                      friendships. By organizing this activity, we try to make migrant
                                                                   workers set their minds to work abroad and create a happy
                                                                   space with mutual trust.
 The Happy Space Charity Sale incorporates our
 company mission into its volunteer activities and mobilizes   志愿者活动获得主要荣誉:
 our employees. By “devoting loving care, lighting others and   Honors for volunteer activities
 warming ourselves”, the activity creates a three-dimensional   中央企业金牌青年志愿者 2 名
 happy space. Young volunteers from ministries and   Two persons got Central Enterprise Young Volunteers Gold Awards
 departments, as well as central media and central enterprises   企业团委获中央企业青年志愿服务优秀组织单位
 all participate in the activity to enhance our contribution to   Company's Youth League Committee was awarded the title of Outstanding Youth Volunteer Organization among Central Enterprise
 serve society.
                     Taking a Child to Work Day was awarded the Golden Project of Youth Volunteer Services among Central Enterprise
 Happy Space Charity Sale

 98  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                 拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  99
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