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                          Expanding a Happy Living Environment

                          生态、成长、共赢、创新、和谐空间等 7 个方面,为利益相关方创造更多的幸福空间,服务公

                                               Culture-led Social Responsibility Progression Model
                              It is said that the life of a building can be determined by the amount of steel that is used in its
                          construction, while the long-term sustainability of an enterprise is determined by its strong and positive
                          corporate culture. At CSCEC, we are guided by our new “Credo of CSCEC” culture system. Our mission
                          is to expanding a happy living environment, and we are taking pioneering steps to embed responsibility
                          into all aspects of our corporate culture. At the heart of this approach is our belief that we must “satisfy
                          customers, help employees succeed, repay shareholders and benefit society.” We will do this by
                          effectively integrating social and environmental concerns into our corporate strategy, our management
                          and our daily operations, while also adopting innovative approaches that will help us to develop a tailored
                          culture-led social responsibility paradigm.
                              In connection with “expanding a happy living environment”, CSCEC is increasingly raising the
                          happiness index of our stakeholders by constantly evaluating our values and enhancing our approach to
                          quality, development, ecological protection, innovation and harmony. CSCEC is  also seeking a win-win
                          relationship with its stakeholders to create a happy living environment that helps it achieve its vision of
                          becoming the most internationally competitive construction and real estate enterprise integration group.

                                HAPPY LIVING
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