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加强环境管理                                                                                                                 加强环境管理
       Strengthening Environmental                                                                                            Strengthening Environmental
       Management                                                                                                             Management
         奉献绿色人居                                                                                                                 奉献绿色人居
       Dedicating Green Habitat                                                                                               Dedicating Green Habitat
       共建绿色社区                                                                                                                 共建绿色社区
       Building Green Communities                                                                                             Building Green Communities
       Together                                                                                                               Together

                       案例:降尘                                       Case Study: Dust Reduction                                                 案例:打造绿色工程                                   Case Study: Building a Green Project
                          为避免将车辆泥土带出施工现场造成扬尘和                         To avoid dust and the scattering of pollution caused by                     基础设施事业部在承建武汉四环线西段后观                         When building the Houguan Lake Viaduct project in the
                                                                   construction vehicles, China Construction 7th Engineering                                                              western part of 4th Ring Road in Wuhan, the Infrastructure Business
                       遗撒,手机网赌app七局在施工现场土方施工阶段安装滚轴                      Bureau has installed roller-type truck washing equipment                   湖高架桥工程时,开展员工生态保护培训,严禁员                      Department provided training sessions on ecological protection for
                       式车辆清洗设备,清洗运输土方车辆,减少车辆灰                      at the construction site to clean the dust and lessen the                  工捕捞水生生物;在施工现场设置警示牌,防止桩                      employees and prohibited employees from fishing for aquatic life in the
                                                                   impact on the city’s appearance. We have also installed                                                                area. The Department also set up warning signs at the construction site,
                       尘影响市容;在施工现场主要道路四周安装自动喷                                                                                                 基施工过程中泥浆进入湖中,严禁向湖中排放生活
                                                                   automatic spraying devices around the main road at the                                                                 prevented mud from being disposed into the lake when constructing a
                       淋装置,定时自动喷淋,减少施工扬尘。                          construction site and spray water at regular intervals to                  污水和施工废水;全力保护当地水资源和现有植被,                     pile foundation, and forbade the discharge of all forms of wastewater
                                                                   reduce dust pollution caused by construction.                                                                          into the lake. Our efforts protected local water resources and existing
                                                                                                                                                                                          vegetation, establishing a green project with pleasant scenery.

                        循环利用                                                Waste Recovery
                        咱们视废弃物为放错位置的资源,通过加强回收                         We see waste as an opportunity to reuse valuable                      共建绿色社区
                                                                   resources. Our recovery management and innovative recycling
                     管理、创新回收工艺,最大化地回收建筑垃圾,实现变                      technical processes maximize the recovery of construction                Building Green Communities Together
                     废为宝。                                          waste, turning it into useful resource that can be reused by the
                                                                                                                                                咱们贯彻落实国家推进生态和谐城镇化的建设                         We adhere to all national urbanization requirements
                                                                                                                                                                                          by constructing ecological and harmonious towns. When
                                                                                                                                                                                          constructing green buildings, we extend our green concepts
                                                                                                                                            社区的运营管理中,积极倡导客户选择绿色环保的生                       to all aspects of our operations and the management of
                                      Strengthen    实行“领出多少材料,交回多少包装”的规定,统一收集、集中储存胶桶包装等物品,通知供应商                                             活方式,为客户创建绿色社区、打造宜居家园。                         communities, and recommend customers adopt a green
                                      All Aspects   及时回收                                                                                                                                  lifestyle to create green communities.
                                                    Abide by relevant provisions, collect packaging materials, store rubber buckets and other
                                      of Recovery   packaging items, and notify the supplier of timely recovery                             碳中和项目                                         Carbon Neutral Project
                       循环利用                                                                                                                                                                   Carbon dioxide is the root cause of global warming and
                      Recycling                                                                                                                 二氧化碳是全球变暖加剧和气候异常的根源。碳
                                     创新回收工艺         采用先进的工艺,利用相关设施,将大块混凝土、土方、碎石等建筑垃圾加工成粗沙子、细沙子、                                                                                           climate change. Carbon neutrality is one way people can
                                         Use        泥沙等可再生材料                                                                                中和是人们减缓全球变暖的行动之一,园林绿化是我                       mitigate global warming. While landscaping is a main way to
                                      Innovations   Use advanced technology to process mass concrete, earthworks, gravel and other                                                        develop carbon neutrality. By ensuring that our landscaping
                                     in Recycling   construction waste into different renewable materials like coarse and fine sand, and    们开展碳中和的主要途径。咱们在保障社区景观质量                       projects utilize plants with a strong carbon fixation capacity we
                                      Technology    sediment                                                                                的前提下,选择固碳能力强的植物,提高社区绿地固                       can benefit the environment and greenery in the community.
                                                                                                                                            碳效益;注重不同植物固碳能力的互补优势,提高植                       We also pay attention to the complementary strengths of
                                                                                                                                                                                          different plants in an effort to improve the carbon fixation
                                                                                                                                            物群落的整体固碳能力。                                   capacity of the plant life.
                     生态保护                                          Ecological Protection
                        咱们在工程建设过程中遵守项目所在国的相关                          We abide by the laws of our host countries and all
                                                                   international conventions related to the construction industry.
                     法律和国际公约,敬重项目所在地的生态环境和土                        We respect the ecological environment at our project sites,
                     地属性,不断提升员工生态保护意识;完善动植物保                       enhance employees’ awareness on ecological protection in
                                                                   new regions, and implement measures to protect animals
                                                                   and plants in order to minimize the impact of our projects on
                     地恢复项目所在地的原有生态。                                wildlife and to maintain the original ecology of the project to
                                                                   the fullest extent.

                                                                                                                                            Sample Area of Zhongjian Big Mansion in Shanghai
                            做好生态预防保护                     提升员工生态保护意识                     完善动植物保护措施
                          Ecological Prevention and   Enhance Employees’ Awareness    Improve Wildlife Protection
                            Protection Measures          on Ecological Protection           Measures
                                                                                                                                            废弃物处理                                         Waste Disposal
                       做好施工计划,避免在野生动植物               开展野生动植物保护宣传 ;                  设立保护区与生物通道 ;                                                                                              The careless disposal of decorative garbage, daily
                       保护区内、繁殖季节施工 ;                 先容野生动植物保护法规 ;                  将野生动植物迁到适宜生存的地                                             装修垃圾、生活垃圾、废旧电池、宠物粪便的随意
                       逐步清退基本生态控制线内不符                标识工程区域内珍稀动植物                   方,安排专人看管 ;                                              丢弃不仅对土壤、水源造成污染,更影响客户的生活安                      garbage, waste batteries and pet feces not only pollutes soil
                       合规定的建设用地                      Carry out public initiatives for wildlife   禁止捕猎,保护水源                                                                                and water, it affects the safety and quality of our customers.
                       Create a plan to avoid construction in   protection;         Set up protected areas and paths for                    全与居住品质。咱们在每个社区配备生活垃圾中转站,                      Our domestic waste transfer stations in local communities
                       protected areas where animals and   Introduce laws and regulations for   wildlife;                                                                                 help customers to collect garbage and use classified rubbish
                       plants thrive or during the breeding   wildlife protection;  Transfer wildlife to suitable areas                     方便客户投放垃圾;在每栋楼宇前放置分类垃圾桶,倡
                       season of wildlife;           Label rare animals and plants within   during the construction phase and                                                             bin to dispose of rubbish by types and strengthen the overall
                                                     the project area
                       Gr adually  retur n  all  improper ly                        assign individuals to look after them;                                                                management of garbage.
                       acquired  construction  land  to  the                        Prohibit hunting and protect water resources            导客户按照标识分类投放垃圾,加强垃圾回收管理。
                       ecological control line
         56  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  57
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