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倡导公平竞争  倡导公平竞争
 Advocating Fair Competition  Advocating Fair Competition
   推动科技创新    推动科技创新
 Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation  Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation
 实施管理创新  实施管理创新
 Implementing Management Innovations  Implementing Management Innovations
 引领行业发展  引领行业发展
 At the Forefront of the Development of the Industry  At the Forefront of the Development of the Industry
 开展国际合作交流  开展国际合作交流
 International Cooperation and Exchanges  International Cooperation and Exchanges
 引领行业发展              开展国际合作交流
 At the Forefront of the Development of the Industry  International Cooperation and Exchange

 咱们作为建筑行业排头兵,致力于成为行业科学  At the leading company in our industry we are committed to   咱们大力实施“大海外”战略,对海外事业经营理  We have modified the strategy of our “Great Overseas”
 scientific development and transforming the development model. We   plan, adjusted and transformed our business concepts,
 发展、转变模式的引领者。主动参与国家和行业标准  念、管理模式和业务模式进行调整和转型,以管理、技
 have taken the initiative to participate in the formulation of national   management models and business models, and increased
 的制定,组织举办专业论坛和学术活动,分享创新经  and industry standards. And we regularly organize professional   术促效益,带动所在地建筑工程行业的发展。  efficiency via our approach to management and technology.
 forums and academic activities. We also share our experiences and   This has enhanced the development of our overseas business
 验和成果,引领行业发展方向,共同拓展行业创新和  咱们广泛开展国际交流,参与国际会议和论坛,
 achievements, and guide the industry so as to transform its innovation   and boosted the overall development of construction industry
 发展的空间。  and development space.  加强与国际同行的沟通和交流,共同探讨全球建筑行           overseas.
 We create conditions for professional exchange among our             We conduct international exchanges, participate in
 咱们积极创造条件促进同行间的专业交流,全年  业专业领域发展方向,为行业的创新发展拓展更为广
 peers. In 2012, we held the High-rise Building Forum, the National   international conferences and forums, and have strengthened
 举办了“高层与超高层建筑论坛”、“全国桥梁工程技  Bridge Engineering Technology Exchange and other academic   阔的空间。  our communication with our international counterparts so as
 术交流会”等多项具有行业影响力的学术活动,带动  activities to promote professional development throughout the   to discuss global construction trends, and facilitate innovation
 industry. We also strengthened our cooperation with colleges and   and industry-wide development .
 行业专业领域的发展。加强与重点高校的合作,发挥  universities. In association with Chongqing University, we organized
 企业主体作用。与重庆大学联合主办了“土木建筑施  the High-end Forum on Civil Engineering Construction and we also
 held the Fourth National Steel Structure Engineering Technology   2012 年企业参与的重要国际会议和论坛
 工学科发展高端论坛”,与清华大学等高校共同主办“第  Key International Conferences and Forums that CSCEC Attended in 2012
 Exchange with Tsinghua University and others to lead and empower
 四届全国钢结构工程技术交流会”,引领行业科技发  technological development in our industry.  第三轮中美工商领袖和前高官对话会 The Third Annual US-China CEO and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue
                      中俄贸易和投资促进会议 Sino-Russia Investment and Trade Fair

                      第四届中日韩工商峰会 The Fourth China-Japan-South Korea Summit
                      中非合作论坛第四届中非企业家大会 The Fourth Entrepreneurs’ Conference of Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum

                      中国—海湾阿拉伯国家可持续发展论坛 China - Gulf Arab National Forum on Sustainable Development
                      中阿合作论坛第四届企业家大会暨投资研讨会 The Fourth Entrepreneurs' Conference & Investment Seminar of China-Arab
                      States Cooperation

                      2012 年世界城市峰会 World Cities Summit 2012

 第四届全国钢结构工程技术交流会  全国桥梁工程技术交流会
 The Fourth National Steel Structure Engineering Technology Exchange  National Bridge Engineering Technology Exchange  国水灾等多重不利因素影响,圆满建设完成曼谷中
 案例:信息化建设  Case Study: Information Construction  国总理英拉表示曼谷中国学问中心的建成,将把中
 As a information technology consulting service company
 手机网赌app作为建筑业十项新技术—企业信息化  泰学问交流推向更高水平。
 with ten new technology in construction, CSCEC held totally 16
 技术咨询服务单位,成功组织举办了 16 届建筑行业  seminars on information application in construction enterprises。  Case Study: Chinese Culture Center in Bangkok
 企业信息化应用发展探讨会。该探讨会一直把利用  These seminars always paid much more attention on  technological   After overcoming floods in Thailand and many adverse
 advancement and management improvement through
 信息化推动行业技术进步和管理提升作为第一要务,  informatization  to realize institutional innovation, technological   factors over past two years, China Construction Thailand   时任国务院总理温家宝、泰国总理英拉共同出席曼谷中国学问中心
                       Co., Ltd. successfully completed the Bangkok Chinese
 为实现建筑企业机制创新、技术创新和管理创新,  innovation and management innovation in construction enterprises,   Culture Center project. Wen Jiabao, former Chinese   Wen Jiabao, the former Chinese Premier, and Yingluck, Prime Minister of
 which enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises,           Thailand, attended the Unveiling Ceremony for Chinese Culture Center in
 提高企业核心竞争力,促进企业持续、快速、健康发  Premier, said, the “Chinese Culture Center in Bangkok   Bangkok.
 urged enterprises to realize development in a sustainable,   is the first cultural centre that China has established in
 展提供了一个良好的交流、互动平台。经过多年努力,  rapid and healthy way and offer a good platform for companies   Southeast Asia, and is of exemplary significance.” Yingluck,
 to communicate. After years of efforts, China Construction
 该探讨会已经成为一个推动行业信息化发展的知名  Prime Minister of Thailand, said, “With the completion of
 has become a famous brand to boost the development of   Chinese Culture Centerin Bangkok, Sino-Thai culture will
 品牌。  informatization in the whole industry.
                       move toward a higher level.”
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