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重视安全生产  重视安全生产
 Focusing on Production Safety  Focusing on Production Safety
   促进社会就业    促进社会就业
 Offering Job Opportunities  Offering Job Opportunities
 助力社区发展  助力社区发展
 Assisting Community   Assisting Community
 Developmentt  Developmentt
 热心公益事业  热心公益事业
 Devoting to Public Welfare  Devoting to Public Welfare
 安全应急管理  Safety Emergency Management                               营造安全学问
 咱们设立安全生产应急组织机构,建立安全生产  We have set up production safety and emergency   咱们注重发挥学问的引导和塑造作用,积极开展
 organizations, established production safety and emergency
 应急预案体系,组织应急演练,促进员工掌握应急基  plans, and organized emergency drills to help staff master   各类安全学问建设活动,分年、月和周定期开展各类
 本常识,提高突发事件处理能力。2012 年,企业制订和  basic emergency knowledge to improve their ability to handle   安全活动,不定期组织安全生产竞赛。充分利用各类
 emergencies. In 2012, we formulated and revised 2,280
 修订各类应急预案 2,280 余项;组织应急救援及预案  emergency plans and organized more than 4,000 emergency   传播媒介,借助电视、互联网、报纸、板报、杂志、广
 演练 4,000 余次,参与人数近 15 万人。  drills for nearly 150,000 staff.        播等多种形式开展安全基础教育,营造浓厚安全文

                     Safety culture show
                                                                   Creating a Safety Culture
                                                                       We pay great attention to the important role that culture
                                                                   plays in ensuring safety and carry out weekly, monthly and
                                                                   yearly safety culture activities as well as production safety
                                                                   contests at irregular intervals. Through media such as TV, the
                                                                   Internet, newspapers, magazines, blackboards and broadcasts
                                                                   we have conducted comprehensive publicity and education
                                                                   campaigns to create a strong safety culture.

                     “Production Safety Month” activity
 防台防汛应急演练  安全事故应急演练
 Emergency  Drill for Typhoon and Flood Prevention  Emergency Drill for Security


 综合应急预案              Offering Job Opportunities
 Overall Emergency Plan

 Special Emergency Plan  就业是民生之本。手机网赌app将拉动就业视为自己
 综合应急预案  现场处置预案      工提供就业岗位。
 Overall Emergency Plan  现场处置预案  On-site Disposal Plan
 On-site Disposal Plan   Employment is the source of the people's livelihood. We
 事故的应急方针、政策,应  依据项目现场风险评估及危  view offering employment opportunities as our most important
 急组织结构及相关应急职  险性控制措施,结合现场情况,  social responsibility. For this reason, we take active measures
 责,应急行动、措施和保障  根据总体应急预案、专项应急
 等基本要求和程序  预案而制定的应急处置措施  to provide job opportunities to college students and migrant
 I n c l u d e s   e m e r g e n c y   Includes emergency handling   workers.
 guidelines, policies, an   专项应急预案  measures that are based on the
 emergency organizational   Special Emergency Plan  overall emergency and special   2012 年新员工训练营
                                                                   2012 New Recruits Camp
 structure  and  related   emergency plans, and stipulates
 emergency duties as well   that all measures should be in
 as  emergency  actions,   针对具体的事故类别、危险  accordance with the onsite risk   促进大员工就业  Promoting the Employment of College Students
 measures and safeguards   源和应急保障而制定的计  assessment and risk control
 and other basic requirements   划或方案  measures and in line with the    咱们积极吸纳大员工就业,为他们提供良好的  We actively recruit college and university graduates and
 and procedures  Includes  the  plans  and   actual situation at the site  provide them with a solid platform from which to develop their
 programs  for  concrete   职业发展平台,通过招聘平台发布招聘公告,进行公开、               career. We provide job opportunities through the recruitment
 a c c i d e n t s  a s  w e l l  a s
 sources  of  danger  and   公平、公正的招聘。2012 年共招收应届毕业生 18,913         platform, and offer open, fair and impartial recruitment. In
 emergenc y  protection                                            2012, we recruited 18,913 graduating students, 91% of our new
 measures            人,其中本科及以上学历占 91%。                             hires were university graduates or above.

 Safety Emergency Management System

 90  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                 拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  91
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