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重视安全生产                                                                                                                 重视安全生产
       Focusing on Production Safety                                                                                          Focusing on Production Safety
         促进社会就业                                                                                                                 促进社会就业
       Offering Job Opportunities                                                                                             Offering Job Opportunities
       助力社区发展                                                                                                                 助力社区发展
       Assisting Community                                                                                                    Assisting Community
       Developmentt                                                                                                           Developmentt
       热心公益事业                                                                                                                 热心公益事业
       Devoting to Public Welfare                                                                                             Devoting to Public Welfare
                     助力农民工发展                                       Boosting the Development of Migrant Workers
                        咱们敬重每一位农民工,坚决维护农民工权益。                         We respect our migrant workers and protect their rights
                                                                   and interests resolutely. In 2012, we provided 920,822 jobs for               “咱们夫妻终于圆了马拉松之梦,感谢中国建
                     2012 年,咱们向农民工提供了 920,822 个岗位。农民               migrant workers in 4,813 projects. Migrant employees received              筑对咱们农民工的关爱。”手机网赌app七局交通企业农民
                     工分布在 4,813 个项目,月人均工资 0.41 万元。                 an average monthly salary of RMB 4,100.
                                            861,272 人
                                                   31,583 人
                                                                     Employees signing contracts directly                                     东雷、刘彩英在内的 10 多名农民工缴纳报名费,免
                                                                     劳务派遣形式用工(31,583 人)                                                       费提供参赛 T 恤、存衣包以及参赛保险。                        Migrant workers participating in marathon
                                                                     Employees in the form of labor dispatching
                                                                                                                                              Case Study: Marathon Dream of Migrant Worker Couple
                                                                     劳务分包或业务外包(861,272 人)
                                                                     Labor subcontracting or business outsourcing                                 “Our marathon dream has come true. Thanks to China Construction for its care of our migrant workers.” said Wang
                                                                                                                                              Donglei and Liu Caiying, with smiles after they took part in Zhengkai International Marathon.
                                                                                                                                                  The couple is fond of sports,.Their biggest dream was to participate in Zhengkai International Marathon. CSCEC 7th
                                                                                                                                              Bureau Transportation Company contacted with the organizing committee, paid the registration fees for more than 10 migrant
                                                                                                                                              workers including Wang Donglei and Liu Caiying and provided them with competition supplies, including T-shirts, bags and
                                                                                                                                              personal insurance.

                                     不断将劳务管理制度化、规范化,拥有劳务管理人员约 5,000 人;
                         劳务管理        帮助劳务企业建立规范的劳务制度,在合作中树立了“共生共存、共存共赢、共赢共荣、和谐发展”的新理念
                     Labor Service Management  Institutionalize and standardize labor service management, and use about 5,000 labor service management staff;
                                     Help labor service enterprises to establish a standard labor service system, and cooperate on the“mutual existence,   案例:农民工黄明获 2012 年“五一劳动奖章”       Case Study: Migrant Worker Winning 2012 National
                                     mutual win-win, mutual prosperity, and harmonious development”concept.                                                                               Labor Medal
                                                                                                                                                 手机网赌app五局农民工黄明获 2012 年“五一劳动奖章”,
                                                                                                                                                                                              Huang Ming, a migrant worker at the CSCEC 5th
                                                                                                                                              成为湖南省54 名此项荣誉获得者中少有的农民工。                    Engineering Bureau, received the 2012 National Labor
                                     与劳务分包商签订不拖欠农民工工资协议书;                                                                                                                                 Medal and became one of 54 migrant workers to win in
                                     建立农民工工资支付责任制;                                                                                            黄明平时最喜欢干的事情就是搞技术革新,他常说:                     Hunan province. Ordinarily, Hu Ming loves technological
                        农民工工资        各工程局成立劳务决算小组,全面开展农民工工资支付专项检查工作                                                                           “我是农民出身,但也不能光出傻力气,还要学会动                     innovation. He said, “Although I am a peasant, I cannot work
                     Wages for Migrant Workers  Sign an agreement with subcontractors to ensure no delay to wages for migrant workers;        脑子干活。”                                      blindly. I have to learn to work by intelligence.
                                     Establish a responsibility system for the payment of migrant workers;
                                     Establish a payment supervision system and wage deposit system;
                                     Each engineering bureau must set up labor service accounts group and carry out inspections on the payment of wages for
                                     migrant workers

                         社会保障        未参加工伤保险的农民工发生工伤,按照工伤保险规定的标准支付费用                                                                        助力社区发展
                        Social Security  Guide and supervise labor contracting companies to purchase accident insurance, industrial injury insurance for migrant
                                     workers, and pay premiums for them in full and on time;
                                     Pay the required cost for migrant workers who are not put on insurance and injured in the work in accordance with   Assisting Community Development
                                     standards in work-related injury insurance provisions

                                     多渠道改善农民工居住条件,做好生活区规划;                                                                                      咱们在运营过程中注重与社区建立和谐友好、互                         We strive to build a harmonious, friendly and mutually
                         日常生活        不断丰富农民工业余生活内容,安排健康有益的业余娱乐活动                                                                                                                          beneficial relationship with the communities in which we
                         Everyday life  Improve the living conditions of migrant workers through multiple channels and develop new plans for the living area;  利共赢的关系,积极识别社区中的主要利益相关群体,
                                     Enrich spare-time life of migrant workers by organizing healthy recreational activities                                                              operate, and actively identify the key stakeholder groups to
                                                                                                                                            主动了解社区需求,全力帮助社区发展。                            better understand their needs and to positively contribute to
                                                                                                                                                                                          community development.
                                                                                                                                                                                              We take the initiative designing and building affordable
                                     积极创建建筑工地农民工业余学校,持续为农民工提供安全常识等各类培训。2012 年创建农民工业余学校
                         技能培训        约 5,580 所,共计培训 249 万人次,发放证书 57 万个,投入资金约 1,254 万元                                                       实现“居者有其屋”的理想而努力。将加强保障性住房                      houses, and strive to give everyone affordable “Home
                         Skill training  Set up after-work schools for migrant workers, and provide them with safety training etc. In 2012, we set up 5,580 after-  工程质量管理工作放在重要位置,明确勘察、设计及  ownership” opportunities. In 2012, we undertook 124 affordable
                                     work schools training 2.49 million migrant workers, issuing 570,000 certificates and investing about RMB 12.54 million                               housing projects with a total construction area of 27.28 million
                                                                                                                                            施工各方的质量责任。2012 年,承建保障性住房项目                    square meters in 21 provinces, autonomous regions and
                                                                                                                                            124 个,总建筑面积约 2,728 万平方米,分布于 21 个省、            municipalities directly under the Central Government.

         92  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  93
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