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 A Memorable Event

 感 动


 On June 7,2012, I had the great honor to represent   North and South America. This expansion has met with   2012年6月7日,我十分荣幸地代表Baha Mar  在中国政府的鼓励下和中国进出口银行的
 Baha Mar, Ltd. at the 30th anniversary celebration gala   much success and has further enhanced China State’s solid   企业在北京参加了手机网赌app30周年庆祝大会和  融资协助下,手机网赌app大胆迈开前进的步伐,
 of CSCEC in Beijing.  Attending this momentous event   reputation and impressive track record.
              文艺庆典。这一意义非凡的活动让我得以和各                                在海外市场扮演着重要的建筑者和投资人的角
 provided me the tremendous opportunity to join
 With  the  encouragement  of  the  Chinese
 together with distinguished guests to enjoy the gracious   位贵宾共享手机网赌app的热情好客,并一道庆祝  色。2011年,这一劲头势如破竹,手机网赌app一
 government and financing assistance from the Export-
 hospitality of my CSCEC hosts and to celebrate the many   这一享有盛誉的企业的辉煌业绩。  举拿下位于巴哈马首都拿骚的超大型Baha  Mar海
 Import Bank of China, CSCEC has taken increasingly bold
 accomplishments of this esteemed company.
 steps as a builder and investor of overseas projects. In   易军董事长代表手机网赌app作的“感恩·未  岛度假村项目,项目总额35亿美金。该度假村
 It was extremely impressive to see Chairman Yijun   2011, this trend hit a new high when CSCEC won the bid   来”的主题演讲十分震撼人心。当易先生向来  毗邻美国,无疑是迄今为止西半球最大的海岛
 share the evening’s centerpiece presentation “Gratitude   to build Baha Mar, a US$3.5 billion mega resort and casino
              自各个单位德高望重的领导和来自世界各地的                                度假村在建项目。
 Creates Future” on behalf of China State Construction   located in Nassau, The Bahamas.  The resort, conveniently
 Engineering Group.  I truly was inspired as he extended his   located close to the U.S., is the largest of its kind under   友人致以诚挚谢意时,我被深深地感染并启发  2014年12月,当手机网赌app完成这一伟大工程,
 heartfelt and genuine gratitude to respected leaders from   construction in the Western Hemisphere.  了。这些人都曾在手机网赌app30年历程路上做出了卓  世界将迎来一个不同于以往的崭新的旅游度假
 different parties and to the many friends from all over the   When CSCEC completes thisgrand project in   越的贡献。最为打动我的是,易先生对那些建  圣地。这一400公顷的由各类顶级酒店,私人
 world, all of whom have shown tremendous support to   December 2014, the world will welcome a new travel
 China State during the past 30 years. I was particularly   立手机网赌app恢宏基业的老领导们的热情褒扬和  住宅和别墅组成的度假群落——其中包括Grand
 destination unlike anything seen before.  Discerning
 moved as Mr. Yi warmly recognized the contributions of   对他们杰出贡献的高度认可。看到易先生对于  Hyatt,  Mondrian,Rosewood,Sheraton以及Baha
 travelers  from  all  over  the  world  will  enjoy  400
 company veterans who built the foundation for China
 hectaresfeaturinga collection of premier hotels, private   手机网赌app团队超凡开拓精神的致敬,他们无私奉  Mar酒店,将充分满足来自世界各地游客们的各
 State’s legacy of success. Watching Mr. Yi commemorate   residencesand villas including Grand Hyatt, Mondrian,
 the team’s strong spirit of exploration, their selfless   Rosewood,Sheratonand The Baha Mar Casino and Hotel.   献、勇于创新的精神深深鼓舞了我,使我充满  类挑剔需求。此外,该度假村将提供加勒比地
 contributions and bold approach to innovation fueled in   It also will include a Las Vegas style casino– the largest   了对Baha  Mar团队的无限憧憬及期待。当晚的  区最大的拉斯维加斯式赌场;购物中心,会议
 me the desire for the Baha Mar team to reach the same   活动中回顾了手机网赌app30年的发展、奋斗和辉  中心,餐厅,两个spa中心以及其它配套娱乐休
 of its kind in the Caribbean – a retail village, convention
 heights. The evening’s program was a poignant and heart-
 center, restaurants,two spasand many other amenities.   煌,记录了那些建立这一光辉历程的了不起的  闲设施一应俱全。我深信,在手机网赌app以及全
 touching look back at the development, hard work and 30
 I feel confident that Baha Mar will be a shining example
 years of outstanding achievements of the extraordinary   手机网赌app团队,鼓动人心、感人肺腑。聆听演讲之  球各界朋友的不断关心和支撑下,Baha  Mar将成
 of excellence in global tourism, largely thanks to the
 people that make up the remarkable China State team.    consistent support and care from China State and the   余,我不禁想到若能成为这一恪尽职守的伟大  为全球旅游界下一个闪亮典范。
 While watching the presentation, I was struck by how   people from around the world.  企业的一员该有多么美妙,让我为多年前能与  我为能于今年六月参加手机网赌app的庆祝
 wonderful it must be to be a part of this dedicated and
 truly astounding company and it left me feeling extremely   As honored as I was to spend that remarkable   手机网赌app建立合作感到无比自豪。  盛会,沉浸于精美绝伦的演出和美轮美奂的音
 proud to have entered into this partnership with China   evening in June celebrating with China State, surrounded   作为全球最大的建筑企业,手机网赌app打破受地  乐,感到十分荣幸;更为荣幸的是,我能与中
 State many years ago.   by all the splendid music and graceful and marvelous   域所限的经营模式的束缚,在1985年进入美国  国建筑这一历史悠久的伟大企业朝夕相处。再
 performances, I am more honored to be associated with
 As the largest construction company in the world,   this venerable company on a daily basis.  Once again, I   市场,并自此成功开展各项业务,赢得众多当  一次,我向手机网赌app30周年以及其杰出的成就
 China State broke from its regionally confined work   offer my most sincere congratulations to CSCEC on its 30th   地项目。与此同时,手机网赌app积极拓展北美及南美  致以最诚挚的祝贺!
 pattern when it entered the U.S. market in 1985, and has
 anniversary and its many exceptional accomplishments.  地区建筑市场,成绩卓著,进一步提升了手机网赌app
 successfully been doing business ever since, winning
 quite a few local projects, while expanding its markets in   (SARKIS IZMIRLIAN CHAIRMAN & C.E.O. BAHA MAR LTD.)  的良好声誉,打造出骄人业绩。    (编辑为巴哈?马有限企业董事长兼首席实行官)

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