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                                                                                                                                                   2016 年 2 月 第一期 双月出版

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           VIEWPOINT                                 FIGURES                                                                        STORIES                                                             SPECIAL REPORT

           引子 / INTRODUCTION                                  18    注重专业品牌传播助力推进转型升级                                             城事 / STORIES                                         四方 / TRAVELLINGS

          01   赢在传播力                                                Importance of Propagating Professional Brand to              34   凝望星际 天眼渐成                                      54    耶路撒冷:圣城的由来
                                                                    Help Promote Transformation and Upgrading
               Introduction                                                                                                           Looking Into The Starry Sky, The Eye To The          Jerusalem: The Origin of the Holy City
               Propagation Force Counts
                                                              20   品牌传播需 “破墙”                                                         Sky Is Ready Soon                              56    德奥小镇漫游记
           微讯 / MICROINFO                                          Brand Propagation Requires “Breaking                                                                                    Wondering in towns in Germany and Austria
                                                                   the Wall”                                                     38   公开课 Open Courses
          04   图说 ILLUSTRATION                                                                                                        只要有光,咱们就要去看见                                   58    在长安遇见塔
          05   据说 NUMBERS                                      专栏 / SPECIAL COLUMN                                                    We Would Like To See It Where There’s Light          Meeting Pagoda in Changan
          06   资讯 NEWS                                                                                                                                                                身边 / AROUND
                                                              22   大家 Authority     NEW                                          39   以“中国制造”解决“美国问题”
           视点 / VIEWPOINT                                          作为共同体的品牌                                                           Using “Made In China” To Resolve “American     60    跑马的汉子,你威武雄壮
                                                                   Brand As Of The Community                                          Problem”
                                                                                                                                                                                           Hey, Marathon Runners
          品牌传播   Brand Propagation
                                                              24    老孟 BY LAO MENG                                               特别报道 / SPECIAL REPORT        NEW                    62    寻找阿依努尔古丽
          08   协同集团战略 提升品牌价值                                        资本品牌                                                                                                                   Searching for Ay Nur Guli
                                                                    Brand Capital
               Enhancing Brand Value with Strategy                                                                               42   天津 117:“悬浮大陆”前传
               Coordination of CSCEC                                                                                                                                                  记忆 / MEMORIES
                                                               人物 / FIGURES                                                           Tianjin 117, Prequel Of The “Floating
          12   大视野构筑大格局                                                                                                               Continent”                                     66    穿越战火的档案
                                                              26    瞧!这科技一家人
               Taking a Global Perspective to Build a Big                                                                        范例 / MODELS                  NEW                          Protecting Files through the Flames of War
               Picture                                             Look At The Technology Family
                                                                                                                                                                                      品析 / OBSERVATIONS           NEW
          14   高端项目的品牌势能                                      30   杨迪:比个性更重要的是公心                                                 52   钢会玩,来看钢构人拼房子                                   69    《争先》微创意  Tips 见精神

               The Potential of Brand Name of High-end             YANG DI: Devotion To The Interest Of The Public Is                 Playing with Steel: Watching Steel Structure
               Projects                                            More Impotant Than The Personality                                 Workers Splicing Buildings                           ZHENG XIAN  Micro Innovation Tips Reflects Spirit
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